Most Common Reasons Why You Need SR22

Posted on: 27 August 2017

Your state may require that you maintain SR22 insurance for about three years. This is not technically insurance, but it is a way to prove that you have insurance. If you already have insurance, you will need to add it to your policy. Otherwise, additional legal action could be taken against you. It usually takes about three years to clear your driving record. There are several situations under which you may need an SR22.

DUIs and DWIs

If you were driving under the influence, such as if you received a DUI or DWI, there is a good chance that you will be required to purchase SR22. However, this hassle may help you reconsider drinking and driving in the future.

Moving Violations

Any serious moving violation can make it a requirement that you obtain an SR22. If you end up getting into an accident, you will have more legal protection by having the SR22, so this may make up for the fact that you must pay more for the SR22. 

Driving Without Insurance

If you are caught without insurance or without a license, you may be required to obtain SR22. Therefore, this action can be very expensive because you will not only need to pay the fine, but also pay for the SR22. You are especially likely to need SR22 if you have had an accident in which you are at fault and were not carrying insurance. 

Repeated Driving Offenses

If you have repeat traffic offenses or if you have committed too many traffic offenses in a short period, it is likely that you will be required to obtain an SR22. When obtaining SR22, you may notice that your premium goes up, but this is not a result of the SR22. Rather, it is the result of the violations themselves. 

When you have had a revoked or suspended license in the past, you may be required to have an SR22 for three months. The good news is that if you are pulled over, the officer will be able to determine quickly that you are allowed to drive. 

How To Know If It Is Required

Fortunately, you will be notified that you need an SR22 at the time of the ruling, if the need for an SR22 is the product of a court ruling. If the SR22 is state-appointed, you will receive a notice from your state DMV. As soon as you receive a notice, make sure to contact an insurance provider, like Able Insurance Agency, immediately or research an insurance provider that provides SR22 insurance.